"God of This World"


     Remember that Jesus said that the ruler of this age was now cast out, judged/defeated (John12:31,16:11).  The cross brought the victory, and the parousia was the mop up of that victory.  Again, the transition period (40 year wilderness) from the Old Covenant Age to the New Covenant age took place from the cross to A.D. 70. at the parousia (Hebrews 8:13, 9:8)  2 Corinthians.4:4 is refering to the god of this"age"/world, not globe/world.  At the end of the "age", the Old Covenant age Mathewt.24:3, Satan was dethroned, and became a defeated foe (as Luther puts it).  He that was on top was to fall from heaven/ruling (Luke 10:18-the process had begun), and was put under Jesus' feet (Romans16:20-Genesis3:15, Revelation 2:26,27), feet which are in His body.  Satan's ruling of the age was in transition being turned upside down (Acts 17:6)  He had a final counter attack under Nero (released for a short time-Revelation20:7), and then faced eternal defeat and judgment (Revelation20:10), not annihilation.  The power of sin, which was empowered through the system of the law, headquartered in the temple (1 Corinthians15:56), went down bringing Satan's accusing and slandering power (enforcing the ministry of death and condemnation-he was and always will be God's devil) down with it.  We are now in the New Covenant Age, an eternal age (Isaiah.9:7, Hebrews.13:20), under which only those nations (and individuals) honoring Christ (Psalm.2) are blessed, exalted, and empowered.  The most powerful nations, since the first century, have always been those most Christ honoring. All opposing nations/peoples are crushed and put under the feet of the nations carrying HIS righteousness, which exaults a nation. This is why there has not been, since the time of Nero, a world wide persecution and it is why there will never be another, because Christ is the God of this age!